Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Rules in my practicum

Mrs. K does not post rules around the room. She instead makes sure to go through the rules very thoroughly at the younger levels, so that by the time she sees them at an older level, they are aware of her rues and what is expected of them. There are times where she does put posters on the wall, such as her Mr. brush poster, telling students how to treat their brushes when painting. She usually does not send students out of the room, unless they are disrupting other students and their learning. This only happened once while I was here.
  There was one incident when I was not there where two of the older girls, who had been friends for a very long time, were ending their friendship. One of the girls was very snippy during class, making comments out loud directed towards the other. She made note of the situation, but didn't interfere. The next day, the girl apologized to Mrs. K for her behavior. She had been in trouble with Mrs. K before for swearing in class, and she had to write a letter apologizing to Mrs. K. Mrs. K asked the girl to write a short apology for her behavior for the class, and that was the end of it.
  Overall I thought it was a great way to handle these situations. I like that the students have gained respect for her after years of having her as their teacher. I only hope that I can gain that kind of respect in my future classroom.

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