Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Practicum curriculum

My CT teaches all different grades, therefore, she has different curriculums for each.
   Her elementary students usually do activities that add to their basic knowledge of art. My CT uses the blog "the art of education" for ideas on what to teach at what age, and activities to do. I myself find the blog extremely helpful, since it has detailed lists of what to teach at what grade.
  Her middle school students are a little different. She decided to do an around the world theme with them, following their history textbook and the countries they learned about. They started with a Canopic jar, on which they wrote their names in hieroglyphics. They also got to choose which animal they used for the lid. They also did henna drawings, Greek columns, and Chinese dragons.
  Her older students are on an entirely different level. She had to mix different classes together during the same period, so that her students could all take the art they wanted. The main chunk of students in the class worked on the same projects, usually ones that centered around their interests, like painting something they liked, or printing a shirt relating to them. Her other students that were more advanced usually got to work on whatever mediums they wanted to work in. As long as they didn't copy anything directly from Pinterest, she didn't mind. I really liked that method, but I feel that only works in a small school, where the teacher can know their students better. I do feel older students should have more freedom to work with the materials they want, to a degree.

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