Monday, April 24, 2017

My practicum school

   My practicum is at a small K-12 school in the middle of rural Wisconsin. There's a little less than a thousand students in total. My CT is Mrs K. She is a Stout alumni who is now teaching at the school she went to. She didn't have art in grade school, but when she went into 9th grade she loved it. She originally went to Stout for graphic design, but decided she wanted to be an art teacher, despite what her family told her to do. She started out as a substitute art teacher after graduation then got hired at her old school.
 She currently has two small children and one on the way. Her and her husband dated through college and got married when they were both done with school. Mrs. K seems to have a close relationship to her students, most likely due to it being a small town. She is aware of her older students strengths and weaknesses.
 I have never observed older students before, so this should be an eye-opening experience for me.

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