Thursday, August 25, 2016

Keep on Keeping on!

Hello, anyone who is reading this. Just a little message I want to get out there. Whoever you are, you are awesome. I don't care if you are the kid who got picked on at school today, or the mom who feels like life is complete and utter chaos all the time, or the teacher who feels like your students don't care about what you're teaching. Everyone is special, everyone makes a difference in someones life. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
   To that kid. I was that kid too. I had a TERRIBLE time in school. I went to a very small elementary school, and every kid there was against me. They said I had "Murwin germs" and refused to play with me. I only had two friends. My mom tried to transfer me to the elementary school in town, but they said we lived too far away. Thankfully, my family moved away from there, and I ended up making new friends. Never let those kids get to you. You keep doing your own weird little thing, because I can guarantee, you won't have to deal with these kids when you get older. You will go to college and get a job far away from those kids. Maybe those kids are having a rough day, and they just want to lash out. You're just the easy target. Don't feed their egos. The best thing you can do, when you have no friends, is to be a friend to everyone. Don't give anyone a reason to hate you. Don't ever give in to their hate. Grow up and become the amazing, successful, weird adult you are meant to be <3.
   To that mom. I AM SORRY FOR EVERYTHING YOUR KIDS DO. I feel like being a mom is the one job everyone takes advantage of, and you don't even get paid for it. I know your kids appreciate everything you do, they just don't say it as much as they should. Being a mom today is the worst too. Between helping your kids with homework you don't understand to making sure your kid has the newest tech to running them everywhere across town for their after school activities, where is your me time? You know it's not while they're at school, because you have a 9 to 5 job too, because you can't support your family with just one breadwinner anymore. When I think about what my mom goes through every day, with four girls (me being the favorite, of course), a full time job, and a messy house to come home to, I just feel terrible. I wish I could be at home more to help, but I can't be expected to put my life on hold. I need to become an adult first, so I can support myself while supporting the rest of my family. I love my mother. I know my sisters love my mother. I know your child loves you, and everything you do for them, so keep your chin up, and don't forget to try to make some you time <3.
  To that teacher. Even if your students don't reach out to you when they leave, or don't seem to appreciate your class, know that at least one student noticed you, and at least one student learned something in your class. Everyday I remember at least one thing that happened while I was in school, and that's because a teacher taught that very well. Even if I HATED the class, i'll remember something I learned in it. At one point or another, a student will remember your class. It sucks that teachers are taken advantage of constantly, and it's not fair. You all do so much for us. So on behalf of every student you have ever had, THANK YOU <3.
  So, in the words of Andy Grammer, "You gotta keep your head up (ohhh oh)" Seriously. Someone appreciates you. Someone loves you. You make a difference in someone's life. Keep on keeping on.   <--- watch that! it's very motivational!

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